so what about cape town?

Belgium is in lockdown. It has been for a while now and it’s not getting better any time soon. Restrictions including closure of all non-essential businesses and we’re not even allowed to have guests over for a dinner at home. This winter season can get cold, lonely and dark very easily.

While in Lisbon I had several inspiring conversations about how the pandemic is forcing us into time and location independent working. Something i’ve always embraced is finally getting the adoption it deserves. And it’s here (or anywhere) to stay (or leave) for generations to come.

Aside from locations like Bali, Mexico, Greece or even Nairobi, people kept bringing “Kaapstad” up as one of the top destination for a 21st century digital boy much like myself.

After intensive research, it did tick a lot of boxes for me. The unmatched beauty of misty mountains watching over the ocean, the countless beaches, a vibrant citylife, incredible landscapes, wildlife and a digital nomad community with lots of accommodations for remote workers. Not to mention summer being just around the corner.

Most of the other possibilities got eliminated due to timezone differences. Attending team meetings at 3am is not the best way to keep work vs. life balanced.

Until a few weeks ago I never even aspired coming to Cape Town one day. But given my requirements no other place on the planet makes more sense.

Just trying to wrap my head around this now… I’ve never really been on my own and i’m about to leave for a destination unknown with nobody I’ve ever known within a radius of thousands of miles.

I have been yearning for a life like this when I was much younger… but it does scare the shit out of me right now.


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